Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rachael's Sunset

So what happens when four friends load up and head to the beach for a week? A lot of fun!

Rachael is the winner of our “Sunset at the Beach” photo contest.  We are using her sunset photo as our Facebook cover and Twitter profile picture for the next month.  Check it out www.facebook.com/ParadisegulfProperties and https://twitter.com/

So we asked her to give us the story behind the picture. She and three girlfriends headed to the beach for a week to check out the beach and attractions. They stayed at the beautiful Adagio in Santa Rosa. They started the mornings with coffee on the balcony, while watching dolphins jump and play.  They spent their days exploring the local shops, restaurants & art galleries. In the afternoons they would wonder back to the Adagio and head for the beach. Shelling, walking on the beach, playing in the water and enjoying the sounds of the waves lapping up on the beach was their agenda. One evening, while strolling on the beach with camera in hand, she snapped our beautiful sunset picture.


As we all know sunsets at the beach off the Alabama & Florida coast are exceptional and breathtaking.


In the evening, the friends would land at a local favorite like 723 Whiskey Bravo or Stinky’s Fish Camp.  After enjoying a little fine dining, they would head back to the beach for a night of crabbing (we’ll save that story for another time).

Each night before bed they would sit on the balcony with a glass of wine, star gazing over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Sharing stories of growing up, teenage years, their kids, their ex’s, and friends who had come and gone.
Beach therapy can mean a lot of things to different people. To this group of friends it meant girlfriends are the ones in your life who make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Goodbye Beach House"

Last week we received a package in the mail from a guest that is joined by her family each year for Christmas vacation and who stay at our beach house Change of Pace. When we opened the package we found a beautiful book titled “Goodbye Beach House” composed of memories and photos they had collected from over the years. We were so touched by the collection of memories they shared with us- we wanted to share them with you.

Let’s begin with their story. The Collier family started traveling at Christmas in 1988 because it was the only time during the year they were all available to come together. In 1997 they discovered Gulf Shores. Each year they continued to look for a better place. In 2005 they found our beach house, Change of Pace, returning again and again over the next nine years.

Change of Pace had the perfect ingredients for priceless memories and family traditions.

Each family member arrived on Christmas Day in time for dinner and opening presents. The grandchildren would wake up the next morning to run out and play in the sand and build their club house under the deck. The first year, they found a wooden board and they all signed their names on it. One of the first traditions was born. Each year they took the board home to return with it the following Christmas to add another year.  One year Cam wasn't there so they took the picture with him on face time not to break the tradition.

They have memories of the bright art work through out the house and the big palm tree in the corner they decorated with white lights that become their Christmas tree. The huge kitchen their meals were prepared in was done so with love, unity and devotion. The yummiest items prepared there were of course the candy houses the children made each year.

They have memories of the big blue couch they all shared as Gram read “The Polar Express” each year only to shed a tear at the end. The bedrooms became a place to share secrets and adventures turning cousins into sisters and then into best friends.

They have memories of the big wooden deck where they devoured their new books and the tradition of watching the Blue Angels practice during Christmas week each year.

They have memories of planting sea oats, collecting seashells, watching sunrises, and toasting sunsets. The beach served as a playing court for many volleyball games and Ben digging his annual hole each year. Memories of swimming, boogie boarding and flying the best kites on the beach.
They have memories of celebrating Gram’s & Poppy’s anniversary with a luau to celebrating the Cardinal’s World Series win in 2011, while each family member wore Cardinal red and ate ball park food all day.

Because of changing schedules and life directions it is harder and harder for all the family to come together each year. So the Collier family will be trading the beach house for a smaller place.

As Judy (otherwise known as Gram) so elegantly put it “change is inevitable and in parting we leave behind footprints on the sands of time.”
This little white book is a wonderful reminder from the Collier family that “home is where the heart is”. We at Paradise Gulf Properties would like to thank them for sharing with us and allowing us to share with you this priceless collection of memories.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ready For A “Change of Pace”?

   We all get lost in our everyday routines. Between work, school and the kids our days are filled with hustle & bustle. You seldom have the time you desire to spend with family and friends let alone time for yourself. Is it time for a break, maybe a family vacation or a just a weekend away with friends?  If the answer is “yes” at Paradise Gulf Properties we have the solution, you are ready for a Change of Pace.  

This month we want to introduce you to our beautiful relaxing beach house property “Change of Pace”. This adoring get-a-way is located directly on the BEACH in the charming coastal town of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

With an incredible view “Change of Pace” is spacious, comfortable and convenient. The 3400 square feet, six bedroom and five baths home is the perfect location for a reunion, large get-togethers, weddings, or just a family vacation.  “Change of Pace” has many extras- a large cook stream kitchen with two sinks, an island that seats eight people and a screened porch with hammock. Enjoy a large lower deck with picnic tables for lounging and sunning.  There is also covered parking under the house for up to 6 cars and a swing. 

Stop for a moment. Close your eyes….imagine warm soft white sand beneath your toes. Sunlight dancing off the emerald water! Take a deep breath and feel that cool summer breeze brush over you as the atmosphere of this charming destination takes you away.

See for yourself, follow the link to see the beauty of Change of Pace and read the reviews from our satisfied clients.